pCars ForceFeedback Tweaks

18th March 2016 - 2.5.1

Reworked the options for the Wheel settings. Each user can now have multiple profiles saved and shared.

Added PDF from a third party with information on Force Feedback.

29th November 2015 - 2.5

Ability to export the data as a CSV file.

2nd October 2015 - 2.4

Confirmation dialog when applying a setup version to all cars.

New option under Profile to remove the setup from all cars.

Favourite car and Active Setup buttons in Car Setup have been switched around, as I got a few reports of people hitting the wrong button by mistake. If this becomes an issue, I will add an option so each user can choose the preferable order of the buttons.

Notification system to let you know of new updates (only for logged in users). Once you load a new page or dismiss the notifications, they will now show again, but can be viewed on the notification page (accessible from the footer link).

Thanks to Nacho Alvarez for the ideias.

20th September 2015 - 2.3

Added two new car filter options: Tuned and Not Tuned.

New option under Profile options to apply a setup version to all cars.

Thanks to tgrey, imz14u2nv and hosh73 for the ideias.

6th September 2015 - 2.2

Favourite cars have an * in front of the name.

New option under Profile options to show favourite cars first.

New filter option to only show favourite cars.

5th September 2015 - 2.1

Mark cars as favourites.

Filter cars by DLC.

Extra car information when viewing a car setup.

1st September 2015 - 2.0.1

Show the total number of users that have your wheel setup as favourite, when viewing your own wheel setup.

Show car notes with the DLC information (can be turned on/off on user profile).

30th August 2015 - 2.0

Ability to browse saved wheel configurations from other users, and favourite them.

Fixed an issue that allowed a user to save wheel settings without being logged in.

Behind the scenes change on how the data is imported. Now it uses the XML files directly, which will reduce the time it takes for you to see the new values released by Jack Spade on the app.

28th August 2015 - 1.9.1

Global settings page has been replaced with a wheel settings page. Here the user can input the values he uses for the wheel it uses. In future versions, once there's enough data, this information will be available to everyone to help them with the wheel configuration.

20th August 2015 - 1.9

When viewing a car setup, a message is displayed if there is a newer configuration available

A gap between the values in the configuration table has been added to improve clarity

If your screen resolution is wider than 400px, the layout of the table changes to have values side by side, making better use of the available space

Option to change car from within the car setup page

19th August 2015 - 1.8

Updated data with Jack Spade V2.0

When choosing an invalid setup, instead of displaying an error message it will now go to the latest possible version for the selected car and the selected configuration.

7th August 2015 - 1.7

New Profile page, that allows the user to set the preferred configuration type

Car filter on the car list

Thanks to Kevin for sending in both ideas to me.

23rd July 2015 - 1.6

Updated with version 1.7 Tweaker Files

Fixed a few issues that prevented having multiple versions in place

1st July 2015 - 1.5

Fixed an issue that allowed the same username to be used by someone else (this caused, among other things, the current heatwave in London)

Error messages when the username / PIN are invalid

Cookies! Now it saves your login on the machine into a small tasty cookie, so no longer you have to retype your username and PIN when you return

66% SopLateral values correction (correction applied to V1.6 configuration):

Marek RP 219D LMP2 - Fy Scale = 13, Sop Lateral = 130, Master Scale/Sop Scale = 40

Marek RP 339h LMP1 - Fy Scale = 13, Sop Lateral = 130, Master Scale/Sop Scale = 39

RWD P20 LMP - Fy Scale = 13, Sop Lateral = 130, Master Scale/Sop Scale = 40

RWD P30 LMP - Fy Scale = 13, Sop Lateral = 130, Master Scale/Sop Scale = 39

Lotus 98T - Fy Scale = 13, Sop Lateral = 130, Master Scale/Sop Scale = 24

30th June 2015 - 1.4

Added a custom setup slot per car and per version

Some code preparations for upcoming configuration updates

29th June 2015 - 1.3

Added a Global settings page

Fixed an issue that allowed to have multiple setups active per car

When choosing a car, if a setup is already active, that will be the one displayed (instead of the first on the drop-down)

Car list shows the current active setup under the name (if any)

29th June 2015 - 1.2

Added a description for the configuration selected

Increased the area size to 700px if the screen allows it

29th June 2015 - 1.1

Fixed an issue that prevented unregistered users from viewing the setups

Added support to add to Android and iOS homescreen

28th June 2015 - 1.0

Initial release