pCars ForceFeedback Tweaks

Wheel settings

1. By default, Project Cars is set to '75' Force Feedback. Set this to '100'

2. Set the 'Tire Force' to '100'. If this feels too heavy, lower it as you see fit

3. Set 'Relative Adjust Gain' to '1.10', 'Relative Adjust Bleed' to '0.10' and 'Relative Adjust Clamp' to '0.95'

4. Pick from one of the six sets of settings and apply to each car

5. RACE! Adjust any settings you're not happy with, to your own preferred options - these are a starting point!

6. If a certain car is too weak/strong, adjust 'Master Scale' and 'SopScale' - but always keep them at the same level as eachother!